How can an order be placed?
You can log in and register or order as a guest. Orders by phone are also possible.

How long is the shopping cart retained?
The shopping cart remains indefinitely. However, sold-out titles will be removed from the shopping cart. We ask for your understanding and recommend completing the order promptly to ensure that all the desired titles are available.

What payment methods are accepted?
We currently offer PayPal payments and bank transfers.

How is the condition of used records assessed?
We assess the condition of our used plates according to international standards. The condition statement includes Mint, Near Mint, VG (Very Good), G (Good), W (Worn) and F (Fair).

How does the VAT of each country work?
Our items show the VAT rates of the respective country to which the delivery is to be made. Customers outside the EU do not pay VAT, but do have to pay customs duties on import.

How long does the delivery take?
We strive for quick processing and delivery of the order. The delivery time within Germany is usually 2-4 working days, but delivery times may vary for international shipping.

Where will the order be delivered to?
By default, we deliver to the home address. In Germany, delivery to a packing station or post office is also possible. In this case, the recipient needs a postal number. If a delivery cannot be delivered, return and new shipping costs may apply.

Are vouchers offered?
We offer vouchers in different denominations. After purchasing a voucher, we only send a voucher code by email. We do not send haptic voucher cards or anything similar. Unfortunately, our system also calculates shipping costs for voucher orders, but we will refund them immediately.

Can orders be bulked to save on postage or to ensure titles don't sell out?
Yes, that is possible. However, we ask that bulk orders are shipped within 4 weeks of the first order. However, please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of titles.

What happens when a title is no longer in stock?
Popular titles, new releases and older releases can sell out quickly. If an ordered title is no longer in stock or not available in the desired quantity, we will inform you immediately by e-mail and offer a refund or credit for overpaid amounts. If possible and desired, we can also try to reorder missing titles at short notice.

Can pre-orders be made?
Pre-orders for titles that have not yet been published are generally not possible with us, but we try to record and implement inquiries.

Can orders be changed?
Change requests after placing an order should be communicated as soon as possible by e-mail. However, if the order has already been paid for with PayPal, it may happen that the delivery has already been sent before we have received the change request. In this case, we can unfortunately no longer change the order.

Is there a shop or is shipping only offered?
We haven't had a shop to browse and listen to since 2008. Our online shop only offers shipping, but picking up an order from us on site is possible by appointment.

How do I get in contact with further questions?
You can contact us at any time by email. Inquiries are processed immediately. Our e-mail address is on our website under the menu item "Contact".